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Movie Reviews

Movie review: I want candy

I want candy 0/5 I watch so many crap films to find those hidden gems and once again I got the chance to watch an almighty crap film. The plot is contrived and so ridiculous and the jokes are not funny or entertaining. Carmen Electra is in this film and looks seriously bored and not…

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Movie Review: Sex, lies and videotape

Sex, lies and videotape 2/5 As a study of film I go back and watch old classics now and again to re-evaluate once popular movies to see if my view has changed due to age of film or age of me. Being almost 20 years old, this Soderbergh directed and written film is a cult…

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Movie Review: Them (Ils)

Movie review: Them (Ils) 2/5 This is a French horror film based in Romania. It basically follows the same plot lines as most ghost horrors instead this one is based on a real story.

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Movie Review: The Rocky horror picture show

The Rocky horror picture show 1/5 So you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably seen it – it’s the Rocky horror picture show! This old classic musical was massive in it’s time and still has a huge sing a long following and is probably in a theatre somewhere right now.

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Movie Review: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace 2/5 This is the film about William Wilberforce who was a prominent politician in England many years ago. The film centres around his efforts to end slavery in all British colonies exploring different avenues and doing extensive research into slavery conditions.

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