8 Hacks For Your First Baby

Babies are hard work, so anything that makes life a little bit easier is a huge help. Use Colour Lines On Your Baby’s Diaper You don’t want to be wasting time, endlessly changing diapers to see if they’re soiled. Good diapers come with a color line that indicates whether they need to be changed or…

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Considerations To Make Before Buying Baby Products

If you go on Google right now and type in ‘baby products’ you are guaranteed one thing; you will be bombarded! So where to begin? Choosing the right items for your baby, or another person’s baby, needs to be done carefully. However, one parent’s essential baby product is not always on other parents must-have list.…

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Essential Items You Need To Take With You On a Family Day Out

Day trips are a great way to spend time with your family and can give you a well-deserved break from the stresses of work. It’s also a fantastic way to see and experience a new place without having to spend a fortune on hotels and flights. While they may be like mini-holidays, that doesn’t mean…

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Best notebook for kids

Kwai Chi Asus Zenpad Review

Toddlers love iPads Having used an iPad for several years, my 2 year old son caught on to the popularity of using tablet devices in the Chi household. He wasn’t interested in the kid apps I downloaded or the story books on Kindle. Of all things, he loved the camera app! A few weeks on,…

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Toddler sleeps in my bed

I need more sleep

Deor has been sleeping in our bed most nights for the last month or so. Maybe it’s been 6 months… It feels like it!  He’s now 26 months old and he is able to throw himself out of his cot and onto our bed where he will punch me repeatedly in the face and kick me…

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Winter tyres could save your family money

Snow in winter

It’s November again and winter is upon us. Whilst the rest of Europe is busy swapping over their summer tyres for winter tyres, UK residents are only busy talking about how rubbish the weather is outside. Only an estimated 3% of the UK will swap their tyres. Many people think of winter tyres as a…

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I'm going to be a new Dad!

The wife and I are expecting the arrival of a new baby boy this Summer (2013). With this in mind, I thought I’d ask everyone I knew (and everyone I didn’t) what I should get in this video: The great thing about becoming a new parent is that I am joining a very large club…

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