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Product Reviews

Product Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm clock

This product is now available form Kwai Chi’s online store @ This has got to be the loudest alarm clock in the world! The clock is made by Sonic Alert who specialise in items for deaf people. Please see the above video to find out more.

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Product Review: Ergoflex memory foam mattress (Tempur copy)

In the above video review I get to grips with the ergoflex mattress. ergo flex are an online manufacturer and direct seller of their memory foam mattress. This 2 year old company has been making waves in the industry and have also been featured on programmes like Deal or no Deal. ergoflex pitch themselves as…

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Product review: 8/10 The builders were round creating a mess the other day so come the evening my flat was covered in dust and my kitchen was reduced to the size of a shoebox. Dinner time came round (not Yorkshire dinner which means lunch) and I couldn’t cook. Outside was snowing and icy, so restaurants were…

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