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Things to do in Hawaii: Akaka Falls

I didn’t get a chance to go close up because a tropical storm came in literally seconds after I stopped filming. We drove away as fast as we could to save our dear lives. We hit a tree that fell onto the road that very same day! To find out more about Akaka Falls, read…

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Things to do in Hawaii: Laupahoehoe Point

Laupahoehoe Point in Hawaii is a random stop off between Waimea and Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. I would not exactly call it the highlight of the trip but I stopped there looking for a toilet to use. There is one a little further up the road towards Hilo at the train museum…

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Things to do in London:Regent Street

It seemed that every time I went to London to try to record a video of Regent Street, it started to rain. I had so many requests for Regent Street, it was unprecedented, so I am finally glad it is here. Regent Street cuts through the heart of London and crosses many junctions with very…

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Things to do in London: Frith Street

In the above video Kwai Chi explores Frith Street in London which is home to the world famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Frith Street also offer’s a unique garlic restaurant, a karaoke bar and an authentic italian coffee shop

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Things to do in England: Reigate Hill

In the above video Kwai Chi explores a hidden lookout just off the M25 ring around London. It is one of the best inland lookout points in urban England To get here go to Fort Lane on this map and walk past the TV towers for about 5 minutes until you reach a gate.…

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Things to do in London: Dean Street

In the above video Kwai Chi takes a trip down Dean Street in London and shows what’s on offer. Dean Street can be found linking Oxford Street and Shaftsbury Avenue. Dean street is home of the Marco Pierre White restaurant, Quo Vadis. It’s also home of the Soho theatre and celebrity haunt, The Groucho Club.

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