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Archive for April 2009

Product Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm clock

This product is now available form Kwai Chi’s online store @ This has got to be the loudest alarm clock in the world! The clock is made by Sonic Alert who specialise in items for deaf people. Please see the above video to find out more.

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Wii Fat

Did you buy the wii fit just to get a little wii fatter? Well that’s what’s happened to me. Watch the above video to find out more…

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Why I write

Writing is such a discipline and it’s so easy to get sidetracked don’t you think? Well In the above video I explain why I still strive to create new material.

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Things to Do in London: Marble Arch

In the above video Kwai Chi has a wonder around the old landmark in London located near Hyde park named Marble Arch. Marble Arch was originally built for Buckingham Palace but never made it there, instead it ended up in the middle of a roundabout – a bit like L’Arc de Triomphe except not as…

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