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Kwai Chi

Kwai Chi is a multi-faceted individual who has made significant strides in various fields. He is an entrepreneur, having transformed from an actor and producer to a well-established business owner. Chi left behind a career as an investment banker to start his own business. He is the founder of Power of Chi, a company that has headed up Social Media Branding and Communications for Intuit and has been involved in producing award-winning shows. Kwai Chi is known for his enthusiastic and optimistic outlook, and he manages three agencies, focusing on a strong client partnership approach. Additionally, Kwai Chi is an active content creator, recognised as a top parent blogger online. He has a significant following across various social media platforms and has been featured in major publications and received accolades for his work in digital marketing and social reach. His YouTube channel, which covers reviews and travel, along with his social media presence on Instagram and X, showcases his diverse interests and expertise in digital media. Kwai Chi has also contributed to the community by participating in charitable events, like running the London Marathon to raise money for the NSPCC. His YouTube channel also indicates a commitment to providing informative content and engaging with a broad audience on various topics.