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Best Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors This Autumn

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For some reason, people seem to dread the thought of summer coming to an end. Sure, the weather will get a bit chillier and the days a bit shorter – but who needs warm and long days when we have snugly throws and roast dinners to keep us warm?

Stay active as the leaves turn yellow and discover a season of change; where the summer has us sweating through our exercises outdoors, autumn will leave you perfectly tranquil.

Here is a handful of the best ways you can enjoy the season and stay just as active outside as you are when the sun is shining.

Find a new path

No road can compare to the magic that is found on a hidden path, surrounded by trees all dressed in orange and red. Ditch your regular run on the road this autumn and find a trail to discover the best of nature while getting your heart pumping. It’s no secret that being in nature is good for our mental health – but I dare say the excitement of finding a new route in nature will keep you running for a bit longer.

There are so many colours to feast your eyes on, small animals getting ready for winter, and mushrooms popping up everywhere. It’s the kind of stuff you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in the summer – and certainly not during winter, so make it a walk rather a run once in a while and bring your camera with.

It’s alright to stop and pick something up on your way, a set of decorative leaves in the shades of the sunset, for example, can easily turn your home into an autumn lover’s paradise.

Take your kids on a hike

Autumn is the season for harvest; children with purple mouths and buckets full of blueberries, and Sunday dinners with mushrooms you’ve picked yourself – these are the memories that will have your kids longing back to nature.

Give them as well as yourself a treat this season and bring your bicycles with for even more fun and a bit of fitness in between all the blueberry snacking.

Take your dog with and watch him stretch his legs as you cycle up the hill, pack some lunch you can enjoy before you head back home, and remember a bicycle insurance to feel confident enough on your hike to head off track a bit. It’s a good idea to find somewhere that’s suitable for your fitness level, though, as you need to take the terrain into consideration.

You can map out a route before you go or simply cycle where you want to in the forest. Just remember to check any announcement for your area to make sure nothing is closed up before you get there.

No matter how you choose to spend this season, you should enjoy the change with people you love. Be aware of the shift in nature and allow yourself to soak up the beauty rather than only focusing on fitness; it will keep you happy too, which is great news for everyone.

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