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Far Away Wedding Day

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We all know that the good old UK isn’t well known for its sparkling sunny, warm weather, and we often have trouble believing what the weather people say. For this reason and more, many couples are choosing to get married abroad.
The scene is well and truly set when you are in sunnier climes and with no extra stress and worry about whether the heavens are going to open or not, opting to go abroad for your special day is looking like a no brainer. There are still a few things to remember when planning the big day!

What’s the weather like?

Weather is everything but bear in mind that even abroad the weather can be as unpredictable as here in the UK. Pick your destination wisely by doing your research into the average temperatures month by month, look out for average rainfall and hours of sunshine.

Setting a date

Telling your guests as soon as possible is imperative. Obviously the cost of travelling abroad for your wedding guests is going to increase and by giving them as much notice as possible means you are more likely going to have the full number people you want there. People need time to save and to also plan their holidays. If you are unsure of where exactly, don’t worry. At least have your date and destination fixed and then send those Save The Date cards out ASAP! Picture


When planning who you want to come this is where it gets difficult when planning abroad. This is still your day and it’s important to remember you should invite those you want there and not just those you feel you should have. Remember than when asking people to come to your wedding abroad that some people may not simply have enough money to do it, but don’t feel disheartened – you can always opt to throw a mini bash when you are back in the UK. Various travel agents may have special arrangements for getting your guests to your wedding.


Flowers are a tricky one when marrying abroad. The simple option for some couples is to order artificial flowers, taking them with them on the flight to ensure they are as you wish. For the bride who insists on fresh flowers, do your research for florists local to your wedding venue before you start. Be flexible in your approach as a heart set on lilies may find a local bloom far more appealing. Sites such as A Touch Of Class Florist, offers you the choice not only to peruse but order online too which takes the nightmare out of dealing with a company in another timezone. As for colours, your florist can advise but pink and orange always hold their own in the sunlight and yellow can look incredible against an azure sea!Wedding flowers

Legal matters

Getting the legalities right is sometimes a minefield. Make sure you do your research thoroughly as each country has its own laws on wedding ceremonies and getting hitched. However sometimes you may be able to have a blessing overseas and make it legal back in the UK.

Wedding planners and coordinators

Finally, enquire at the venue you choose whether they have an onsite wedding coordinator. They can then help with all the main parts of the planning, a little of the above and ensure you will then have less to worry about!

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