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3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Have an Active Lifestyle

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Toddler playing football

Kids have so many opportunities for entertainment these days. If they aren’t watching TV, they’re playing video games or on tablets and phones. Trying to get kids into a healthy active lifestyle with so many sedentary distractions can be difficult but there are a all sorts of fun activities that will get your kids exercising without them even noticing.

1. Team Sports

Even if your child isn’t going to be the next Wayne Rooney, team sports are a great way to burn off a lot of energy, build fitness and make new friends too. Football is probably the most popular team sport but there are plenty of other sports to consider. Cricket, rugby and rounders are all great outdoor sports with team building thrown in.

You could also consider indoor sports that are more likely to run throughout the year. Badminton, gymnastics and swimming may not be the first team sports to spring to mind, but they are all easy ways to meet new friends and get moving!

Finding clubs might take a bit of research in your local area but just asking around the playground will give you some idea of what is around and where your children’s friends already go. If athletics is your interest, this club finder from England Athletics is a great resource for finding clubs near you.

2. Active Days Out

If your weekly schedule is already jam-packed full, finding time to get out and be active can be more difficult. Fortunately, there are all sorts of things you could be doing at the weekend and during school holidays to get your kids going.

Lots of swimming pools will put on days with inflatable obstacle courses that are perfect for kids and parents too! You could also look into doing things like climbing walls, horse riding sessions and outdoor pursuits like canoeing. There are all sorts of fun family activities you could consider trying for a day out to give your kids new experiences. And you can get involved yourself!

3. Walk More

It sounds obvious but walking is the easiest way to encourage a more active lifestyle. Cars are great but sometimes they are too convenient. Try to leave a little more time in the morning to walk to school or walk round to the shops rather than drive.

Walking is a great way to bond with your kids. Whatever the weather, a family walk is ideal for getting out of the house, enjoying the scenery around you and bonding as a family. A welly-walk full of splashing in puddles and kicking through mud is perfect for young children and the ideal opportunity to introduce them to their environment. Try spotting different animals or collecting leaves to make a collage at home to keep things interesting.

With a bit of imagination, you and your family can quickly boost the amount of activity you do. Try lots of different activities to find out what sort of things your child prefers to do and make small changes to your lifestyle. And remember – it’s got to be fun!

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