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Kids And Tablets: Easy Ways To Make It Work

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It’s so common now for youngsters to want their own tablet. In fact, kids as young as five tend to want one to use in their humble abode. And there are lots of benefits to having their own tablet. For one thing, they can use it to research for their homework. Also, they can use the tablet to watch films and play games. In fact, they can be sat next to you on the device while you get to watch your own TV! However, like with all pieces of tech, there are some risks involved. Therefore, here are some easy ways to make kids and tablets work.

Limit their use of the device

First things first, you need to set some ground rules when it comes to using the device. Otherwise, they might end up spending more time on it than with the family. And the more time they spend on the device, the less likely you will know what they are up to! Therefore, you need to limit their use of the tablet. For example, you might want to allow them an hour before tea, and an hour after on weekdays. And if they are using it for schoolwork, make sure they are actually doing research on the device. When they are not using the tablet, put it in a drawer, so they aren’t tempted to use it.

Download their apps for them

When your kid gets a tablet, they are often amazed by the wealth of apps they can download. But while there are a ton of good apps, there are some which you don’t want your youngsters using. For example, you don’t want your 14-year-old downloading Tinder and talking to complete strangers! Therefore, when they are using the Apple store or the Play store, you need to set a password before they download the app. That way, they will have to ask you to write it in before it downloads. So you will know exactly what they are trying to download! You should also download a few apps at the beginning for them to use. For example, you could download the MovieBox App for iOS from here which will ensure your kids can watch a wealth of shows. And you can download games similar to Angry Birds to keep them busy!

Change the restrictions

As moms, we need to be so careful about what our kids are going on when they are using the tablet. After all, it might provide them with access to a wealth of inappropriate sites and apps. Therefore, before your child uses the tablet, you should set some restrictions in place. You can click on the settings on a tablet and then turn restrictions on. It will then let you enable certain apps and then hide others. For example, if you only want them to play games, not use the internet, you could disable Safari. That way, you can ensure they don’t go on anything inappropriate. You can always set up parental controls with your Internet supplier too. That way, if they try and go on any sites which the provider deems inappropriate, they will be unable to load them up!
And remember to ensure they use the tablet in close proximity, so you can keep an eye on them!

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