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The ABC Of Snow Holidays

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What does it take for the perfect snow holiday?

Height is a good clue; to guarantee snow coverage, you tend to want countries or places that are located high above sea level. Closer to the clouds means a surer guarantee of snow. But the height factor aside, the requirements are fairly small.

If you want to partake in winter sports, then you have to be a little more thorough. Height is still, once again, your guiding criteria – you’re going to want slopes to try your luck on, of course. Again, though, there are plenty of options around the world – so how can you possibly decide?

In an effort to provide some clarity, let’s keep it simple: the ABCs.

A is for Andorra

Beautiful Andorra is a must for anyone determined to make a snow holiday a must. Located between France and Spain, Andorra has all the benefits of European culture – including using the Euro – but without the same attention. While the country is popular with tourists, it’s far from overwhelmed.

The ski area of Grandvalira is the largest in the Pyrenees range, and as you’d expect there’s plenty of winter sport fun waiting for you here. If enjoying the chalet atmosphere is more your thing, then you’re catered to as well. Andorra holidays offer the perfect mix of a relaxed, snowy atmosphere but without the same sheer number of tourists as other countries might attract.

B is for Belgium

The Ovifat ski resort in Belgium is a wonderful area to experience the delights of winter fun but without the same tourist traffic as many other similar locations. Curl up and enjoy the sight of snow falling, or brave the slopes to see what you can do.

Located on the eastern side of Belgium, not far from the German border, Ovifat is a great destination to consider. Another option is the city of Malmedy, also a great destination for skiing fun, as well as being a beautiful city to enjoy on a city break basis too. Again, it’s on the eastern side of Belgium, and much of the region offers the same delights.

C is for Colorado

If you would prefer to travel a little further afield, the US state of Colorado should be at the top of your list. The state is famous for its skiing and generally picturesque mountain views, thanks to its location near the Rockies mountain range.

Aspen is perhaps the best known area for snow and ski holidays, but there’s plenty to choose from outside of these regions. The Arapahoe Basin in Summit County plays host to one of the longest and steepest trails in the USA; the Pallavicini. Wherever you go, however, Colorado has got something to offer fans of winter holidays.

Of course, there are locations along the other 23 letters of the alphabet that will suit any fan of snow holidays down to the ground – but there’s no denying that these three choices are a pretty good place to begin.

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