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Archive for December 2009

What are you having to eat at xmas?

Christmas is a time for sharing and a time for giving. It’s also a time for calorie busting food! In the UK the tradition is to have a gigantic turkey or goose as the mainstay of the table with sides of chipolatas (thin British sausages sometimes wrapped in bacon and called pigs in blankets), brussel…

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Which word annoys you the most?

Kwai Chi poses the question in the above video. What word do you hate or annoys you the most? Discuss this post here

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The worst road conditions for over 25 years in the UK!

If you got caught in the snow and ice yesterday then here’s a reminder in the video above. For all of you around the world who aren’t affected then take a look at a typical road in the UK last night. More than 3000 people were stranded and had to sleep in their cars or…

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Mauna Lani Deluxe Front Ocean Room Tour

In the above video Kwai Chi explores what’s on offer in Mauna Lani Resort’s Deluxe Front facing Ocean Room. Mauna Lani is well known on the big island of Hawaii with much to offer including some top golf courses, stunning beach location and even a shopping mall. Mauna Lani is about 40 minutes drive north…

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I'm a Costco Convert!

So the wife and I got a trade membership the other day at Costco (UK). Costco is a USA chain of member wholesale cash and carry stores that now span the globe. Their main principle is to have a limited range of goods but to sell in bulk at seriously low prices. Most items sold…

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