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Things to do in Hawaii: Hapuna Beach State Park at sunset

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The white sand beach at Hapuna stretches half a mile which is not massive by any means. The beach is Hawaii Island’s most visited beach located just north of the Mauna Lani Resort. Because of the closed off location you do need to drive to get there. I’ve got to admit, having seen all the ranting and raving on the internet praising Hapuna Beach as ‘The best beach in the world’ or ‘The prettiest beach in the world’ I was really expecting a lot more. The sand may be white but it’s not as white as some beaches I have visited in Australia. The water is clear and the location is great for the sunset. There is apparently lots of fish around but I did not see nay fish life around. I’ve yet to see a real top 10 beach list with Hapuna Beach in it. they are mainly Hawaii or USA tourist biased reviews with little substance. The feet washing facility was broken and there was no running fresh water anywhere which was really annoying afterwards when trying to clear sand off myself. Read More »Things to do in Hawaii: Hapuna Beach State Park at sunset