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His and Her Wedding Rings

So you’re on the lookout for some wedding bands for the big day but you’re not sure what to go for. Well regardless of whether you’ve already purchased the engagement ring the following applies to any precious metal ring you’re ever likely to buy.
There are several types of material on the market when it comes to rings including silver, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium to name the most popular. Titanium is a really lightweight material and so comes in handy for guys as the bands tend to be far wider than a female ring. Guys rings usually start from 3mm width all the way to a couple of centimetres. It really depends on preference, taste and budget. With this in mind titanium is really cheap compared to it’s heavy counterparts and you can expect to pick up a male wedding band from just £15. Expect to take the ring off often though as the rings are usually poorly finished and can feel uncomfortable for long periods of wear and also can suffer from a green copper like stain when your hands get sweaty or wet. This is because the ring is actually an alloy and not just pure titanium. An all titanium band is available for a little more and is very hard wearing (even harder than platinum) and very lightweight. Read More »His and Her Wedding Rings