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Toto Washlet Review

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Toto is the largest producer of toilets in the world. I’ve never even heard of them in the UK but in their native Japan, Toto have over 70% of their flagship washlet toilets in installed in Japanese households. My stay in a Mauna Kea hotel room was the first time I had encountered one of these in person and I was impressed form the start. For those who have never seen one before, these toilets are deodorising, seat warming, bum washing, massaging and drying, self flushing and soft closing.
The model that I tried wasn’t even their most premium model. They have one that raises the toilet seat as you get near it and closes itself! In countries like Thailand I’ve had to use a water hand washer to clean my bum after a poo as is the standard for a lot of Asian countries but this washlet bidet thing does it all for you. Read More »Toto Washlet Review