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Archive for May 2010

Sony Bravia KDL32EX403 Review

So I have been using the same old-style television for what seems like 10 years; Oh! It has been 10 years! Now 10 years ago there were no LCD panels, there were only CRT style massive televisions and I had one of those massive televisions until it started displaying some very weird stuff on screen.…

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Things to do in London: Trafalgar Square

Big European cities have grand squares and London is no exception. Trafalgar Square is distinct in it’s use of materials which are different to others in Europe. It is also the most popular square outside of Time’s Square in the world by footfall.

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Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Kea State Park

If you are desperate for the restroom on Saddle Road then give the Mauna Kea State Park a miss. The toilets there are totally revolting! There is some sort of accommodation there and parking spaces seem to be very active. If you are heading up to the summit of Mauna Kea then I would recommend…

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Things to do in London: Charing Cross Road

Once upon a time Charing Cross Road was famous for it’s collection of book stores selling out of print and niche books as well as mainstream bestsellers. If you wanted a first edition Bond novel then this would have been the place to get it. However with increased rent and intense competition from online vendors,…

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