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Sony Bravia KDL32EX403 Review

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So I have been using the same old-style television for what seems like 10 years; Oh! It has been 10 years! Now 10 years ago there were no LCD panels, there were only CRT style massive televisions and I had one of those massive televisions until it started displaying some very weird stuff on screen. I then asked myself the same question every curious guy asks when he wants to buy a new TV – “Which is the best TV on the market?” Luckily for me it was March time which is when the new models tend to start coming out. Having looked at the 2009/2010 range of Panasonic and Sony televisions I was excited and looking forward to what the 2010/2011 models would bring.I then looked up the new range of Sony Bravia specifications on the Sony website and I just had to try one of these new babies out! There are 4 new ranges for 2010 to 2011 – the essential range, the cinematic range, the signature range and lastly the top-of-the-line range which is the network range. As of the end of March 2010 with the run-up to the World Cup Sony released to the public the 32 inch essential range television. Although it is supposed to be the most basic range, it is anything but! This television comes with YouTube out of the box, DLNA, LAN connection, full PC and freeview HD!
The Sony Bravia KDL32EX403 is full of connectivity with plenty of legacy scart and new HDMI sockets. The really nice thing for the laptop or desktop PC user is the addition of a standard 3.5mm audio socket to use the TV for the speakers as well as the visuals. The 1080p scaling for blu ray movies and PC use is amazing. It fully scales to the border of the television and is as crisp as you could possibly want or imagine. It really doesn’t get much better than this for HD content. The upscaling on SD stuff from the TV is not so great but with so much content going to HD it’s not really going to be an issue soon. It also has freeview HD built in which would normally cost in the region of £150 for the set top box.
Next thing on my list of cool things for the Sony Bravia TV is the DLNA features. For those of you who don’t have a clue, check out the DLNA website which explains it all. DLNA basically allows users to play their gadgets on other gadgets via the home network. Windows media player is a DNLA client and I can access my PC files from the TV to watch or listen which is a very cool thing indeed and saves me from buying a PC to TV wifi gadget or transfering stuff via SD card to my blu ray player which has a SD card slot. The TV connects up to the hoome network either via a USB wifi dongle which you can buy seperately or you can just plug it into the network via the ethernet port on the back of the TV.
I have basically explained all of my current uses of my shiny new sleekly designed Sony Bravia TV apart from the internet stuff. It was a cool novelty when I first got the TV and it would be a main use for many so I’ll mention it here. There are lots of internet things to watch including a full search of youtube on the TV (as long as you are on the home network which is on broadband). There is no web browser though so you will not be able to watch porn channels directly on the TV (for now). There is a Love Film service which allows you to watch movies directly on the TV without having to wait for the DVD to come through the post which is a good idea until I look at the high price for this service. I’m sure that with competition and a little time, these services will be very cheap if not free.
Last but not least is the speed of the remote control for the TV. It is slow on boot but faster than any other LCD TV I have come across and once the TV is on properly the remote is really fast with no lag in the menus and EPG. This is definitely a television worth every penny and as a result I award a prestigous 9 out 10.
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