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3 Fun Ways To Make Summer Vacation Healthier For All The Family

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Vacations can be a time when we really let our hair down. We might oversleep, overeat, and not get as much exercise as we should. It’s important to remember that our holiday should relax and revive us and so we shouldn’t feel too guilty about a little slacking here and there. But if we really want to return refreshed we can make our holidays healthier in fun ways. With a family in tow, this can be fun and benefit us all! We will all return home looking and feeling better than we left. That should be the main aim of a vacation, after all. If you’re looking for ways to make your Summer fun, fabulous and healthy for all the family, then you’ve come to the right place.

Learn To Cook Together

Many studies have found that healthy habits are created in the home. During the Summer, we’re more likely to have free time at home with our family than at any other time. This can be the perfect opportunity to overhaul one of the most significant habits of all: eating. During a busy week of work commitments, social activities and more, junk food can be tempting. Children will often reach for a sugary or salty snack when waiting for a meal. They’re more likely to be waiting if you’re tired and haven’t had the time to plan something nutritious. A daily family meal that you can all enjoy together can become a memory that lasts a lifetime. It is around the dinner table and in the home kitchen that children learn the value of good, fresh ingredients and healthy nutrition. Why not learn to prepare a recipe together? There are suitable activities for all age ranges whether washing, peeling, chopping or frosting! Making your own meals provides a great way to have fun and interact but also to see what’s going into your food. It can be alarming to find that many of the processed snacks and meals we rely on are heavy in sugar, salt, fat and calories. Making your own meals from scratch doesn’t have to be time consuming and can be fun for all the family.


Gone are the days of the “kids fat camp” that we hear about as a horror story. Many activity camps for children are focused on self-esteem, confidence, and exciting outdoor activities. They have the happy side-effect of including weight loss and healthy improvements where needed. But they also foster teamwork and social skills. If the Summer seems like a long time to keep the kids occupied, camp can be a wonderful way to burn off all that excess energy!

Daily Walks or Cycling

Not all healthy changes have to break the bank, or even make you break a sweat! A good old-fashioned family walk is one of the most underrated daily activities a family can do in the Summer. You have the opportunity to chat, play, and take in the sunshine and fresh air. Even if the weather is not on our side, with waterproofs and a hot drink afterwards it can be just as fun!

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