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3 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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The photographs of your wedding will undoubtedly be something that you want to get right. They offer a timeless account of your big day and capture every special moment for you to relive again and again. Finding a wedding photographer to create these everlasting memories can be tricky. Their style of work needs to compliment the feel of your big day, and they need a keen eye for detail. For guaranteed beautiful results, follow these steps and choose your photographer with complete confidence. If you are in Connecticut and looking for amazing photographers then check out Chris and Becca Connecticut Wedding Photography.

Research style and quality

To start your search on the right footing, you need to do plenty of research into potential photographer’s style and quality of photos. You need to look for a style that could work well alongside the theme or vibe of your wedding day. You might want a relaxed feel or something contemporary looking. Remember to make sure it reflects you as a couple. Use Pinterest as your primary source for ideas on poses and styles to determine which ones you like the most.  Having a clear picture of what you want will make the choosing process much easier.
Portfolios are the best way of finding a photographer and getting an insight into the work they have previously created. While you are carrying out your research, remember to look at the quality and consistency of the images. The last thing you want is unintentionally out of focus or over edited pictures on the biggest day of your life. Look at wedding photographers such as Jason Parsons or Brett Butterstein for an idea on what you should be looking for.


Meeting with your photographer before your wedding is vital. Think of it as an interview to ensure you’re choosing the right person for the job. You need to feel comfortable in their presence and trust them with seeing a possible moment before it’s happened. They should be confident and approachable, and you should get a good feeling when you meet them for the first time. Think about whether they could organise your guests and make them feel relaxed. You don’t want a photographer who has to be constantly directed throughout the day. Take some of your research images with you and discuss ideas. If they don’t add a lot to the discussion, it might be wise to look for another photographer.


While we all have to start somewhere, it’s important that you don’t hire someone with little to no experience. Even though it may save you some money here and there, you will not get the desired results that you wished for. It’s a high-pressure responsibility, and not everyone is up for the challenge. You want your photographer to know how to take and edit pictures correctly and have a style that is up to date. So always ask potential photographers how long they have been in business and how many wedding jobs they have undertaken
These three steps should assist you in finding the perfect person to do your wedding photography. Always keep your chosen style in mind and don’t rush into hiring someone without looking at their portfolio first.

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