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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids A Dog

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Kids love pets! Have yours been nagging at you to buy them a dog recently? Maybe it’s time to give into their requests and buy them one. Sure, they come with a lot of mess and responsibility. Especially if you buy a puppy! However, your kids will really benefit from having a dog around in the house. Not convinced? Here are four reasons you should get your kids a dog.


Once you have a dog in the house, you won’t be lazing around on the couch for much longer! Your dog will need to have regular walks every single day. So getting a dog is a great way to get your kids away from their TVs and computers and out walking their new pet. Your kids will be exercising more and will feel great for it. If they struggle with weight issues, you might find that they lose a few extra pounds after a few weeks of dog walking!


Having a dog means having responsibilities. Your kids will need to be responsible for helping to care for the new pooch. There are a lot of chores and tasks that come with keeping a dog, especially if it is still training. If it makes a mess in the house, get the kids to help clean it up. You can also ask the kids to feed the dog and make sure it has fresh water. Once your kids become responsible with the dog, you can try them out with household chores like making their own beds!


When a new dog joins the family, your kids will get a new best friend! Your new dog can be a great playmate for your kids. And the new addition to your family might even be able to persuade your kids to spend less time sitting in front of the TV. And more time running around in the garden! It is great for kids to grow up with a dog, as they will always have a sidekick who will love to spend time with them!


It isn’t all fun and games with a dog, though. There will be a day when your pet gets sick or very old and passes away. Some parents get their kids pets so that they experience death and loss before they need to experience it in adult life. It can be a very upsetting time for the family, but there are ways you can get over it together. Think about getting a memorial for your pet. You can contact a company who specializes in turning ashes to diamonds. These diamonds can be used in jewelry or ornaments. Or you can put together a photo album of all your favorite snaps of the dog. No matter how you choose to commemorate your pet, you can be sure that he or she will never be forgotten!
Have I convinced you to buy a new dog for your kids? I hope so! It’s not just the kids who will benefit, though; the whole family will!


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