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6 Smart Purchases For A Stress-Free Camping Holiday

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The camping holiday is a British staple. If you’re preparing to pack the car and hit the roads, here are some suggestions for a stress-free trip.

1. Games

Whether you’re travelling with young children, teenagers or adult friends, games will come in handy. Long car journeys are made all the more enjoyable for all parties with portable games consoles, DVDs and old classics like ‘I spy’. Once you arrive at your destination, playing cricket, golf or giant pass the pigs will while away hours on the beach. The unpredictable British weather could put pay to outdoor plans, so stock up on cards and board games.

2. Disposable barbecues

No summer camping holiday is complete without a barbecue, a roaring fire and some marshmallows to toast. Disposable barbecues are easy to use and they don’t take up any valuable space in the boot. Always use your grill in an open, well-ventilated space and keep a safe distance from children and pets. Make sure all meat is cooked through to prevent any unwanted holiday illnesses.

3. Caravan awning

If you’re looking for a smart solution to give you extra space in an instant, air awnings are an excellent idea. Within a few minutes, an awning can provide you with an extra room or some additional storage space. If you buy a self-inflating awning, you can just sit back and watch it work its magic. If you’re short on space or you’re caught in a downpour, an awning can make all the difference.

4. A first aid kit

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit with you if you’re going on holiday. Campsites tend to be out of town so it’s handy to have access to plasters, dressings and bandages. You should also pack sun cream and insect repellant. Take some painkillers with you and any other medication you require, such as inhalers or antihistamines. Check your first aid kit before you set off and replace any items that have expired or run out.

5. Portable toilet

A portable toilet is a God-send when travelling with young children. With this valuable accessory, your children can pop to the loo without any hazardous late night walks. It can also prevent last-minute dashes or accidents if they are toilet-training. Keep the toilet within easy reach when you are travelling and when you have set up camp if you’re in a tent, rather than a caravan.

6. Windbreak

Sadly, we’re not always blessed with serene sun-drenched days in the British Isles, and a wind-break is always handy to have. Use your windbreak to provide shelter and keep you warm on the beach. You can also use it to give you more privacy on a busy campsite.
Camping holidays are great fun, but they can also be trying. Follow these simple packing steps to breeze through your break without any drama and ensure everyone has a wonderful time. If you’re travelling with kids, it’s wise to look for a site with good amenities and facilities. Outdoor playgrounds, access to pools and beaches and well-managed toilets will all help to minimise stress.

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