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8 Hacks For Your First Baby

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Babies are hard work, so anything that makes life a little bit easier is a huge help.

Use Colour Lines On Your Baby’s Diaper

You don’t want to be wasting time, endlessly changing diapers to see if they’re soiled. Good diapers come with a color line that indicates whether they need to be changed or not. On most diapers if the line is yellow, you’re fine. If it’s blue, it’s time to change.

Command Hooks

Yes, command hooks. Sound good don’t they? And they are. Fix one to the back of your baby’s high chair and hang bibs from them. When it comes to feeding time, you don’t have to waste time searching for a bib. They’re right there. It’s no wonder this was the most popular parenting hack on Pinterest in 2015.


Snuzpods are a miraculous invention. They’re like these little transforming cots that can do pretty much anything. If you want your baby to sleep beside your bed in their own cot, a snuzpod has you covered. If you want them to sleep separately, a snuzpod has you covered. If you want them to sleep in a bassinet at the end of the bed, a snuzpod has you covered. You can even get them with specific mattress protectors. You can pick up a snuzpod cot and mattress from Cuckooland in a variety of colors.

Wash Tiny Baby Socks In A Mesh Laundry Bag

Tiny baby socks can easily get lost in the wash. Putting them in a little pouch first and then bunging them in makes the whole exercise so much easier. You lose enough of your own socks in the wash without having to worry about the baby’s too.

Washing Out Baby Bottles

Why do baby bottles have to be so long? And why is it so hard to find an implement that can scrub them out?
Here’s a tip: fill them with soap, baking soda and hot water after your baby has finished. This will get all the grime out and make them hygienically clean. Unless, of course, your baby has a penchant for avocado, chocolate and peanut butter smoothies. In which case, I can’t help you.

Bathe Your Baby In The Laundry Basket

This sounds almost humiliating doesn’t it? It’s not. Putting the baby in the washing basket and then putting the washing basket in the bath means that your baby’s toys won’t keep floating away. That means they’re happy and, as a result, you’re happy.
Make Pacifiers Into Lollies For Teething
Teething is not fun for anybody, most of all the child. But having a lollipop-come-pacifier is a dream come true. You can try all sorts of different juices and flavoured milk.

Prevent Door Slamming

Unlike the rest of us, toddlers don’t appear to be averse to loud, crashing noises. But there is a solution. Get part of a foam tube and cut along its length so it can fold out. Then wrap it around the end of the door so that when the door does close, it doesn’t slam. Bingo!

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