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One thing that a lot of people experience when cooking with a hot wok and hot oil is a fire when using gas. It’s very scary the first time you experience this but if you’re prepared you’ll be fine. Don’t be put off by turning up the heat as it makes the dish. Unlike a deep fat fryer filled with hot oil, the amount of oil in a wok is relatively low and can easily be put out.
Fires breed because there is oxygen present to help it grow. All you have to do is simply starve it of air by throwing in something dryish and large enough to smother.
Here’s a few ideas to keep at hand:
The next thing you are going to throw into the wok eg. noodles, cornstarch coated meat.
Some plain flour to dust.
Some plain boiled rice.
You can also move the oil around the pan to burn off the oil quicker.
If all else fails turn off the gas and keep a fire blanket nearby or a phone to call the fire brigade .

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