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All The Ins And Outs Of Casual Style For Men

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For men, when it comes to casual dressing it can be hard to achieve the perfect look. Many men make the horrific mistake of thinking that casual wear instantly equals sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. They couldn’t be more wrong. Dressing casually doesn’t mean there needs to be a lack of style or smartness to your look.
Whether you’re heading out to see the boys or meeting your significant other, it’s important to get your casual look right. Don’t make the mistake of confusing casual wear with loungewear, an error many men make. Between casual wear and loungewear, there’s a big difference. To ensure you look smart and stylish in casual wear, here are a few essential tips.

Cuts are important

Jeans, the ultimate casual items for men can look smart and stylish but often, when the wrong size or cut is worn, they just look scruffy. Super skinny jeans can look great on smaller built guys. But for men with a larger, more muscular physique, straight-legged jeans are the best option. Straight-legged jeans are tailored in a way that makes you look smart but aren’t too tight. For ultimate comfort, opt for a stretchy pair containing lycra. You’ll look smart and stylish and won’t have to compromise on comfort.
When it comes to cuts of clothing, jeans aren’t the only item you need to be careful of. Everything from shirts to jumpers come in a variety of cuts – not all styles suit every body shape hence why it’s essential to find the right one. For example, these men’s aran sweaters are smart and stylish and perfect for wearing to complete a casual look. The cut of these sweaters is slightly tailored, making them suitable for almost every body shape. Tops that are tailored to create a slim fit don’t sit well on larger bodies.

Spend a little more for better quality

For casual days, it can be tempting to invest in those cheap four packs of basic t-shirts – don’t. These t-shirts might have been the staple of your teen years, but now you’re an adult, your casual look needs to be smarter.
T-shirts might only be a casual item, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on them. Select a range of unique designs from different stores, that are tailored to fit your body shape. Steer clear of slogans and busy images. Instead, buy from brands that offer simple designs with only a small logo on display. Jack Wills and Superdry are two smart, stylish brands that offer a great range of casual men’s wear.

Invest in the right accessories

To give your look a little extra class, the right accessories are crucial. Many men opt to top their casual wear with a scruffy coat, don’t make this mistake. Invest in a smart, stylish jacket that’s tailored. Trench coats are ideal for wearing on casual days because they’re stylish and comfortable.
Shoes are another essential accessory than many men struggle to get right. For a casual look, loafers, smart trainers or Converse-style shoes are ideal, as long as they’re not stained or old, that is.
Achieving the perfect casual look isn’t difficult, it’s just a case of knowing the best cuts for you and stores to buy from.

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