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All You Need To Know About Planning A Wedding Abroad

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There are many things you can do to make your wedding day special. One interesting idea is to have your wedding in a different country! My wife & I got married in Hawaii back in 2009 and it still as memorable today as back then! Bearing that in mind, here are some stunning tips to help you plan a wedding abroad.

Get Your Guest List Sorted

Like any other wedding, you’re going to need guests. If you’re journeying abroad, this may mean you invite fewer people than you would to a traditional wedding. Pick a select handful of your close family and friends to come to the wedding. Of course, make sure that everyone can make it and afford to take the extra time off work for flights and stuff.

Have Everyone On The Same Flight & In The Same Hotel

A bit of a long heading for this point but I thought I’d merge two things into one. If you’re planning a wedding abroad, it helps when everyone is together. You don’t want your guests flying out at different times or staying in different places. Where possible, have as many of your guests on the same flight as you. This means you can ensure that everyone will make it to the destination on time, and it’s also a lot better. There’s a buzz when everyone is on the plane together; it can get really exciting.
Also, as I mentioned, you want everyone to stay in the same place. You’ll have to find a hotel with enough rooms to house you and your guests for as many days as you need. If everyone is all in one place, they’re easier to keep track of. There’s less chance someone can go off on their own and miss the actual wedding. Also, you can get some wedding packages from travel agents that include flights and hotels for you. They’re designed specifically for people planning weddings abroad; it’s worth looking into it.

Hire A Luxury Car Service

To give your wedding an extra special twist, you should hire someone to pick everyone up from the airport. If everyone travels in one group, you could be greeted by a chauffeur service that will take you to your hotel. They could drive you there in a high-class limo and make you feel like royalty. Sure, it may cost a little bit, but it’s better than everyone hopping in taxis. Remember, this is your wedding, you want the whole holiday to be an event. Thrill people from the get go, this is going to be a wedding no one will forget.

Pick A Romantic Location

The best thing about getting hitched abroad is that there are loads of stunning locations to choose from. You could go to cities like Paris or Rome. Or, you could have a romantic beach wedding in the Bahamas or down under. The choice is entirely up to you and your husband to be. Pick a place you’ll both love!
With these four tips, you’re going to have the perfect wedding abroad! It will go down in history, and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

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