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Snowflake Rice:
2 cups of boiled rice
2 duck eggs
Soy sauce (Kikkoman C00039)
1 Generous Tablespoon of salted butter (Jersey Salted butter or French Laduree butter)
2 cooked and shredded crab arm things
Steam Rice and then fry up eggs in a wok using plenty of peanut oil. split the egg apart with a pummeling action using 2 bladed end spatulas. When rice is ready pour over egg and continue pummeling action. When egg is well mixed into the rice add the crab and the salted butter. The rice should taste relatively plain so not to have too much flavour to clash with the main mix but add some soy to taste.
Autumn Mix:
1 Courgette sliced
2 Pak Choi halved
2 Baby Green Leaf halved
3 Birds eye chillis
200g Beansprouts
1 Sweet Orange Pepper thinly sliced
1 breast of free range chicken sliced
Oyster Sauce
Soy Sauce (Kikkoman C00044)
Whilst doing the above using another wok heat up a couple of tablespoons of peanut oil until very hot. Pour all mix ingredients apart from the sauces & chicken into the pan. Allow to sit for about 2-3 minutes to allow the steam to reduce the size of the leafy bits. Begin stirring and add then make a well in the middle. Place Chicken in the well and stir regularly.
Add oyster and soy sauce to taste.
Serve the rice onto the plates first and then place the mixture in the middle.
It should look a little like this…0&id=749386194

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