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Before You Buy A Diamond, Read This!

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Buying a diamond is a bit of a big deal. If you know anything about them, you’ll know that diamonds are not all created equally. A small diamond could be worth more than a really large diamond for a number of reasons. Some people think it’s all about size when it comes to this stone, but this isn’t the case at all. If you’re interested in buying a diamond, whether it’s for your other half or yourself, read on:

Learn All About The 4 C’s

The 4 c’s are the most important part of diamond buying you will ever encounter. Before going diamond shopping, make sure you memorize and learn all about the 4 C’s to help you make an informed decision. They stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat. They all contribute the quality of the diamond in different ways. Buying a good diamond is a case of balancing them out the best you can and getting the most for your money that way. The cut of the diamond is how concisely it’s been shaped. The better a diamond has been cut, the sharper the shape and the better it will reflect light. The color of the diamond refers to exactly that, just what color the diamond is. The clarity of the diamond refers to the imperfections that can be seen. The higher the clarity of the diamond, the more brilliant it’ll be in the light. Then you have carat, which is basically the size and weight of the diamond. Many people think this is the most important thing, but you could get a huge diamond that isn’t very well cut or clear at all. You’d be better off purchasing a smaller diamond to get a better quality. However, it does depend on what you want so it’s up to you to think about what is most important.

Read Reviews

By reading reviews on different jewelers and diamond suppliers, you’ll get an idea of the most trustworthy places you can purchase your diamond. There are endless reviews online, so it isn’t hard to get clued up on the best diamonds and retailers. This Ritani review can give you an idea of what to look for.

Make Sure You’re Not Being Ripped Off

It’s important you’re not being ripped off when you buy a diamond, which is why doing your research and being clued up on the 4 C’s is crucial. You can always get a second opinion from somebody who knows diamonds better than you do if you need it. Then all you need to do is make sure you’ve protected your new diamond with insurance and you have a safe place for it if you’re not wearing it every day.
Buying diamonds can be really exciting, whether it’s for your engagement or just because you want to. Just make sure you’ve done plenty of research and got the best diamond money can buy. It’ll last longer and look so much better. Happy diamond shopping! Come back soon!

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