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Christmases or Christmasses?

What is it with people who can’t spell? Even worse is when people can’t even copy words. In today’s society where we can simply copy and paste text – why can’t people get the plural of Christmas correct? I’m not even talking about small companies or individuals either. A new film called ‘4 Christmases’ is currently out at the cinema but Cineworld andThe mirror fail to copy the correct spelling from the film. Another notable mistake not related to the film but the same word comes from amazon.
In the age of txt spk its ez 2 _stand why peepol cant spl anymr. I for one am not a fan of text messages whatsoever and much prefer to do things the old fashioned way – well not letter writing, but I prefer talking to people. There is less room for misinterpretation of an intended message. A message like ‘You looked good the other day’ could be taken as both positive and cynically negative. Hearing someone on the phone leaves that doubt to one side. Anyway back to poor spelling, I don’t know whether simple editorial mistakes are down to poor education, poor environmental factors, laziness or ignorance, but I do know that they should know how to run a spell checker!

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