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Could Malta Be The Perfect Place For Your Summer Holiday?

The Mediterranean island of Malta is somewhere that’s often overlooked when it comes to planning a summer vacation. However, it shouldn’t be as this small island has plenty to offer, regardless of your age or who you’re traveling with. The great thing about Malta is that it’s an affordable destination. This means that it’s ideal even if you’re on a small budget.
A lot of people think that because Malta is so small, it doesn’t have all that much to see and do. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, even with a week in Malta you still wouldn’t be able to see and do everything that’s on offer. There are so many reasons that you should consider visiting Malta this summer, from its beaches to its sights and attractions.
Still not convinced that Malta could be the ideal destination for your summer holiday? Then have a read of this.

It has beautiful lagoons and beaches

Malta has some of the most beautiful lagoons and beaches in Europe. These deep, crystal clear sea pools are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, or relaxing in. As well as its lagoons, Malta is also home to an array of white sand beaches with tranquil, warm waters. These beaches are perfect for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and swimming. The best beaches and lagoons have to be on Comino Island, one of the small islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. For a beach break, a trip to Malta should be at the top of your list of summer holiday ideas.

The architecture is amazing

Are you someone who loves architecture? If so, Malta is the ideal place for you. Did you know that this sunny destination is home to an array of beautiful pieces of architecture, including many churches? Malta has over 350 churches – for such a small island that’s a lot. While you may not be able to see every church on your trip, there are a few that you cannot miss. The Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu  and Rotunda of Mosta are two churches that no matter what, you have to make time to see. Malta’s churches are so fantastic that they’ve been used to film a range of films and TV series. This includes the hugely popular Game of Thrones TV show.

There are some fantastic markets

Malta has some amazing markets, but none more impressive than the Sunday market at Marsaxlokk. This is a small fishing village that’s located in the south of Malta, that holds the best markets. Here you can find anything, from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing and souvenirs. Of course, this isn’t the only market in Malta; there are also lots of other ones too. The most popular of which are Rabat Market, Vittoriosa Market, and Valletta Market.

Valletta is a must-see

With that in mind, don’t Valletta is most definitely worth a visit. The capital city of Malta, which was built behind the protection of a fort, is the most beautiful city. It has plenty to see and do, from museums, markets and architecture to various shops to explore, there’s lots of offer here. There are bars and restaurants serving every type of cuisine, as well as lots of authentic street food on offer.
Hopefully, you’re now convinced that for your next summer vacation, Malta is the perfect place.


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