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Instead of buying crispy aromatic duck for £20-£30 for a whole duck in a restaurant/takeaway, you can buy the following at wing yip (or other chinese/etnic supermarkets) (approx prices)
frozen boneless whole aromatic duck (comes in 2 halves) £6
frozen pancake skins 17 packs of 10 (£3)
Spring Onion (60p)
Cucumber (80p)
Amoy Hoi Sin Sauce glass jar (£2)
Amoy Plum Sauce glass jar (£2)
Total £14.40 approx
Less than half price considering that you won’t use up the sauce and skins.
It’s really easy to make once you got the above. Bung the frozen Duck in the oven on a rack if you got one (to drain the oil) at 190-200c and leave for 35 mins.
Prepare the cucumber and spring onion by slicing in strips.
Get the steamer going with some water and with about 5 mins to go on the Duck being ready bung in the pancake skins.
Serve the hoisin and plum sauce into bowls.
When the duck is ready use a fork and a spoon to shred the hell out of the duck.
When everything else is ready, serve up your items and have fun making up your wraps!

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