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Did you know that Barclays are giving away amazing football prizes for all the family?

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This is an advert written for Barclays
My parents were never into football so all my influences were from my sister and peers. I don’t remember this, but apparently when I was about 5, I supported Liverpool FC because my sister supported them (because they were a winning team in those days). When I was at an age when I could decide for myself I supported Arsenal because I found Ian Wright inspirational. The years which followed were amazing as the Wenger evolution took hold with unprecedented success. The first presents my colleagues gave me were a couple of Arsenal Babygros. Since then he has been actively kicking his footballs around the house, smashing ornaments and valuables en route. As a huge Arsenal and Ian Wright fan, I really like / love this film [insert Ian and Rachel YouTube film] about his memories of lifting the Premier League trophy and how Barclays are making it possible for someone else to do that this year. Enter the competition at There’s only a few days left to enter!
Because of my love of the game and the fact that I’m a father, I was interested to find out that over the course of Barclays’ 15-year sponsorship of the Premier League, they have worked to make a positive impact, particularly for young people.
In 2004 when Barclays became title sponsor, they made a commitment with the Football Foundation (the largest sports charity in the UK) to set up sports sites for young people. Over the next decade they have invested £40 million in Barclays Spaces for Sports and over 200 sports sites have been set up around the country, largely in deprived inner city areas. All are used for grassroots sports and engage millions of young people.
Barclays have also invested heavily in employability programmes for the young, most recently Barclays Premier League Works, with 17 Clubs now using football as the catalyst to get young people trained and ready for work.
After proudly championing this generation of football for 15 seasons, Barclays are now celebrating by giving away yet more extraordinary Barclays Premier League experiences that I know my family would love.
As well as the chance to present the Barclays Premier League Trophy to the champions, I’m mega excited to learn that you can win tickets to Barclays Premier League matches as well to take the whole family out. Your kid could also become a team mascot! To enter for these amazing experiences, head over here.
You can also see their TV advert here.

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