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Does Working Out Boost Testosterone?

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Testosterone is one of the key hormones in the human body, but is it possible to increase it through exercise? The short answer is yes, read on to find out more.
Working Out Sheds the Pounds
The most direct way in which exercise helps boost testosterone levels in men is by helping you lose weight. People who are overweight are far less likely to have high testosterone levels. So, if you’re carrying more fat than you should be, losing a bit of that weight will help your testosterone levels rise. This in turn will then give you more energy to keep pushing on in the gym. Your strength will build as well, so the only activity will become a lot easier for you. So, start by getting rid of the fat!
Strength Training is the Best Method
Strength training is by far the best form or work out for you to focus on in the gym when you’re trying to boost your testosterone levels. Endurance training is good, but strength training is better. You should make sure you give your body a full workout, exercising as many different muscles as possible. You can do fewer reps with heavy weights, and then more reps with lighter weights. If you add a little cardio into your exercise regime, your testosterone levels will rise much faster.
It Offsets Some of the Damage Caused by Ageing
We all see our testosterone levels drop as we get older. This is something that you can’t really avoid. But by exercising and keeping your body as active as possible, you will be able to offset some of this damage. The effect of exercising on testosterone for older men will be less, but it’s still thought by experts that working out has a small positive impact on testosterone levels. So, no matter how old or young you are, the effects of exercising are good, so it’s worth working out as much as possible. Visit if you want to give your testosterone levels an extra boost.
Evening is the Best Time to Work Out
Our testosterone levels vary at different times of the day, so it makes sense to think about when the best time to work out is. Our levels are at their highest in the morning, and they get lower throughout the day. This means that the boost will be lesser if you workout in the morning. Therefore, it makes much more sense to start working out in the evening when the impact on your testosterone levels will be greatest. So, go to the gym after work, not before it!
You Need to Keep Pushing Yourself
Once your body reaches a certain point, it will become to increase your testosterone levels through exercise. This is a good thing in a way because it’s a sign that your body is in much better shape, and you’re not lacking testosterone as much as you were when you were unfit. But it also means that you have to keep pushing your body harder and harder. As your body gets fitter, the old exercise regime you had will become less effective, so you need to increase your activity for the best results.

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