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Essential Items You Need To Take With You On a Family Day Out

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Day trips are a great way to spend time with your family and can give you a well-deserved break from the stresses of work. It’s also a fantastic way to see and experience a new place without having to spend a fortune on hotels and flights. While they may be like mini-holidays, that doesn’t mean you can take a whole suitcase with you. Lack of planning could mean you take items in your bag that aren’t essential and forget the things you desperately need. So to make sure you pack everything you need for a family day out, use these suggestions to help you.

Decent sized bag

Before you pack anything, you need to make sure you have the right bag to take with you. Clutch bags and tiny handbags are not going to be ideal vessels to carry your items in. Even if you don’t generally carry a lot around with you, you will need to take more than you realise with you on your day trip. Rucksacks and satchels are your most practical option as they can comfortably hold a generous amount. Plus they come in so many different styles and colours, there’s bound to be one that works well with your chosen outfit. It might also be a good idea to store a canvas tote bag inside which can hold any souvenir you buy during the day.

Sun protection

Sunscreen is something you should be wearing each day to protect your skin from the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s an especially cloudy day, the sun can still damage your skin making it feel dry and dehydrated. It’s important to keep you and your family topped up with sunscreen throughout the day. Especially if you intend to spend the majority of it outside. These are often sold in travel sized bottles which can easily be stored away. Make sure you buy a high factor for maximum protection.


If you’re going on days out for kids, a camera is something you will always need. This is the tool that will capture special memories and create beautiful mementos for you all to cherish. If you are using your phone’s camera, make sure you have sufficient space available and have a portable charger too. This will keep your phone fully functional, even after a whole day of picture taking. If you’re taking a digital camera, bring spare batteries and make sure it is fully charged before you leave.

Water and snacks

Keeping everyone happy and hydrated should be a priority. So make sure you have enough water and snacks packed for your whole group. This will make car or train journeys less stressful and save you some money. Tourist attractions will often have expensive dining, so having a mini picnic could be a budget friendly solution. Look for travel sized bottles and Tupperware to keep each item fresh and cool throughout your trip.
These items are the first things you should be packing when preparing yourself for a day out. You can then start adding anything else you deem to be essential such as umbrellas and scarves.

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