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Food: How To Eat Without Shame

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We all love food, but there is always that nagging thought in the back of our minds. As much as we like to enjoy our meals, it can be hard work if we cannot rid ourselves of the shame. And let’s face it – there shouldn’t be any shame in enjoying our food. Yes, some of the meals we eat won’t be good for us and may affect our health. However, we don’t need to worry about the effects as long as we follow a few simple rules. Here’s my guide to savouring food without the guilt.

Do It In Moderation

The foods that tend to make us feel the guiltiest are the ones that we know we are unhealthy. Still, at the same time they are also the ones that taste the best. So, are we supposed to stop eating them altogether? The answer is no because that wouldn’t be very enjoyable. The answer is to eat them in moderation. As long as we are not eating KFC for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is okay to treat ourselves once in awhile.

Come To A Compromise

Instead of going for the unhealthiest food that we can think of, we should come to a compromise and eat something a little healthier. Subway, for example, is not as bad as a McDonald’s meal because it is not cooked in fat. The bread and the meats are not great, but they are not going to kill us. By replacing an unhealthy option with a healthier option, we can rid ourselves of the shame and the guilt that comes with fast food.

Pay Less

Although the nutrition of the food plays a big part in our shame, the price is also a factor. After all, we don’t want to get fat and waste our money at the same time! Obviously, the alternative is to go for the cheapest option. Most fast food joints are pretty cheap, but some are cheaper than others. KFC, if you are unaware, is cheap if you split the meal between friends. All you have to do is take a look online at Fast Food Menu Prices. The website lists the KFC menu, and tells you everything you need to know about the price.

Change Thinking

Our thinking is what makes us feel guilty in the first place. If we can switch the way we think, we can forget about the guilt. Of course, that guilt is an important part of staying healthy because it stops us from overindulging. But, it also stops us from enjoying ourselves. The key is to know when to go ahead and have a treat, and when to hold back. If we can rationalise the food in our heads, then we can get on with our lives. For example, we can reduce our food intake for the next week to make up for the guilty pleasures.

Know The Limits

We have to trust ourselves to stop because we don’t want to enjoy ourselves too much. If we are famished from a big meal, there is no need to eat again. That is binging, and it is unhealthy.
We all have red flags. What are yours?

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