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Four Things You Must Consider Before Booking Your Next Trip!

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Do you have wanderlust? Do you grin at the thought of hopping on a plane, train or automobile and getting away to a new destination? Are you mentally planning your next trip on the flight home from the last one? You are not alone.

UK or Overseas?

I have been lucky enough to visit some seriously amazing places, such as South Korea and Japan.
The thing with overseas travel is that it costs money. A lot of money and we only have so much to spare, right?  So how about a more local trip? Might it be better for the bank balance? Luckily, there are so many beautiful places in the UK to choose from.

A City Stay?

UK cities have so much to offer travellers. But, It can be a bit overwhelming deciding where to start. Luckily there is some great info out there to help you narrow down your choices.
When considering a city break, there are some wonderful times to be had in Edinburgh, Manchester, and Sheffield. Liverpool has the Tate, great restaurants, and awesome nightlife so is an excellent choice too. Another northern city to consider is Leeds. Where else can you have an avant-guard meal, in a department store, cooked by a rock and roll chef? You might have seen Michael O’Hare on The Great British Menu? If not check out his website for an eye-opening look into his creative world.
Down south, Brighton is a great place to visit. Being by the sea, you get to do all the fun, fabulous things like eating fish and chips out of the paper by the seafront. You can also take a walk around the Brighton Pavilion for a culture hit. There are also some fantastic festivals on in this area too during the summer. You might want to check them out if you’re heading that way.

A Country Stay?

For a more rural stay, how about Scotland? All the scenery, lochs, and whiskey distilleries make it sound like a great place to explore. If evenings spent curled up in front of the fire with a ‘wee dram’ and a good book, are your thing, Scotland is definitely a location you should consider. Just don’t forget those hiking boots!

Where to stay?

Depending on your budget, there is such a range of places to stay across the UK. For a country break, you could try a caravan, holiday park or one of the many self-catering cottages available for hire. The advantages of these types of accommodation are that you can cook your food at the times you need it, and not keep to a hotels meals schedule.
For a city break, try a glamourous boutique hotel. Staying in a hotel can work out a bit more pricey, so it’s probably a good thing, that city breaks are tend to be a bit shorter.

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