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Get Inspired And Add These Personalised Touches To Your Wedding Day

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Every couple will want their wedding day to be a spectacular occasion; that stands apart for all the right reasons. Because nobody wants their wedding to be compared to anybody else’s. It should be a day that perfectly reflects both of your personalities and interests. So stay away from the norm and add these perfect personal touches to your big day to make it, even more, unique.

Signature cocktails

Everybody knows wedding days are for celebrating with delicious beverages. But instead of serving the usual drink options why not go for signature cocktails instead. Consult with an expert to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a personal twist. The ingredients could be inspired by a favourite holiday destination such as France or India. Or for a simple touch, you could create a drinks menu with cocktails named after fictional characters or places that you both like. These will make brilliant talking points and add some additional insight for your guests into what you both enjoy.

Say Cheese!

Photographs are vital for capturing every special moment throughout your wedding day. But they can also be used to add more personality to the event. Photo booths have become popular for creating instant memories featuring cute props and hilarious poses. Get your guests to sign their pictures and use it to create a fun-filled guest book. You could also have an engagement shoot where you get some beautiful images of your Tacori or Vatche engagement ring. You can then use the images for unique centrepieces for your tables. For a beautiful keepsake, you can treasure, make all of your guests pull a silly face during one for the group photos. This is guaranteed to become one of your favourites as everyone’s personality will shine through. You’ll also find that this is the photo everybody will want a copy of.

Personalised playlist

Nothing is more personal than a person’s music taste. So why not incorporate your favourite band’s and artists into your wedding playlist. Sit down with your partner and reminisce about favourite moments or places and the songs associated with them. It could be from a festival you attended or a song played during your first date. Create a playlist that includes both fast and slow paced songs that everyone can enjoy. Don’t forget to choose your first dance song in the process. To make an impact, start off with a slow romantic song that then switches to a fast, loud iconic song that you both love. Whoever said that a first dance song needed to be slow? Encourage everyone to join you and you can all dance to your heart’s content. This will create an energetic vibe to your big day and set up your reception for a long night of celebrating.
With these personal touches added to your day, your guests won’t be able to deny that this is your wedding. It’s these fun and personalised elements that people will remember. Ensure that the personal touches you include involves both of your interests for sensational results.

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