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Getting lost in Hawaii

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The future Mrs Chi was driving on the wrong side of the road (or the right side if you’re American or from continental Europe) for the first time in her life on Hawaii island on route 270. We were looking for Radioshack in Waimea and we had the address so we input the zip code and the first 2 digits of the 6 digit house number. This was our fundamental mistake. In England we are used to addresses with a number (usually 1 to 3 digits long) followed by the street name, city, county then most importantly the post code which accurate to a part or all of a street. The USA system of Zip code is quite different though with a zip code covering a much larger area (see the wiki on zip codes here). There is the additional 4 digits for more accuracy in big cities but we did not have that for Radioshack in Hawaii Island.
Fundamentally we took a right turn instead of a left at the junction of route 270 and ended up seeing another wonderful scenic area of the Big island. It’s not all bad in paradise I guess!
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