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Hilo Bay Café Restaurant, Hawaii Island Review

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The restaurant reviewed is:
Hilo Bay Café
315 Makaala Street
Hilo, HI 96720
United States
(808) 935-4939

Kwai’s Dish
Garlic Fries and Bay Blue Burger
Yiki’s Dish
Mushroom Lasagne with a side of bread and salad.
Shares the same car park as Walmart, so there are no views of anything apart from cars.
Nicely decorated and modern interior which looks great
Service was not the best. It was friendly but there didn’t seem as if there were enough staff to keep everyone happy.
Toilets were clean.
All the reviews we saw before coming here were great, the location was easy to find (just look for Walmart and you’re there), the place looked modern and funky, the service was friendly although our waitress couldn’t recommend a signature dish. At a push she told me to go for the Bay Blue Burger which I did. This was a big mistake! The burger was terrible! The blue cheese should have given it some flavour but it was too late to rescue. The patty itself was just bland. I met the chef later who looked on arrogantly as if he was God’s gift to cooking, but he was nowhere close! This was a lazily cooked dish with no seasoning. When I was about to complain about the crap food the chef and waitresses all disappeared as if they could see it coming! My wife was equally disappointed with her mushroom lasagne. The lasagne was also bland, lacking seasoning and what was with the sides it came with? A massive slice of dry bread bigger than the lasagne itself which looked like a cheese topped pie! There was also a Taco shell resting on the salad which was also inexplicable. I was reading some of the reviews posted up on the wall on the way to the restroom with reviews praising the clever european cooking, but I think they must have been on another planet! Hilo Bay Cafe was easily the biggest anticlimax to our dining experience in Hawaii. I regularly make authentic Italian Lasagne and Angus burgers at home which were spectacularly better tasting than what the award winning chef could produce. It could be argued that it was an off day for them but I just think that the Chef’s ego has got the better of his own tastebuds! Avoid Hilo Bay Cafe or be very disappointed!
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