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How to select a TV stand

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Back in the 80s, when I was growing up, people had small television sets that sat on top of some wooden furniture that already existed in the house. As I got older, television stands began coming as a package with televisions themselves as the televisions grew in size. The television stands that came free as a package, usually came in the same colour as the television itself and it was usually made with cheap materials like MDF and were made big enough only to accomodate 2 VCR sized pieces of equipment. Luckily for us time moves on, and these days we have very nice looking stands that we can put our prized televisions on. You can still buy television stands that are made of wood and look like furniture but most consumer television stands are now made out of a mixture of plastic, metal and glass with glass being the main material.
Unfortunately for the consumer, the dimensions of the television stands are usually hard to find and instead they give a recommended maximum size of television that can be put upon the stand instead. A good example would be a stand that is meant to be used for the televisions up to the size of 42 inches, being absolutely suitable for a television that is 55 inches in size, as well as a television of 22 inches in size. The key thing to look out for is how much space you actually have for your stand, how much of equipment you have which you would like to put away on the stand, and also the weight of your television. As televisions are getting progressively lighter in weight, in comparison to the dimensions of the television screen, the weight that can be accepted by the television stand is becoming less of an issue, but do doublecheck before you purchase. The television stand is probably one of the most overlooked purchases when buying new electrical equipment, and as such companies use it as a bargaining tool or as an incentive when buying a large ticket item purchase like a television. As many people now buy their televisions online instead of in a store, these incentives become less important, and as modern consumers, we should really compare all of the television stands available to us and get them at the lowest possible price for maximum possible value. One really useful thing to look out for is the weight of the stand itself, especially when buying a glass stand. Generally, the heavier the better as the glass itself is likely to be more dense in structure. As shops do use these television stands as incentives, do make sure you buy online, as the store prices will usually be hyper inflated by up to 1000% of what you can buy it online. There are also not many companies who make stands for televisions. So do not be put off by brands you have never heard of before. Instead look for highly rated consumer reviews.
I opted for my stand in the above video because I needed the shelf space to accommodate all of my electrical equipment that accompanies my television and also I liked the black gloss glass finish of the stand that suited my glossy black new LCD panel. My 32 inch television does not at all look silly on my 42 inch stand as neither would a 50 inch television. My stand does have a cable tidy incorporated into the design, but I have chosen not to use it because it is located in an awkward position in relation to all of my electrical equipment.
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