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I'm going to be a new Dad!

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The wife and I are expecting the arrival of a new baby boy this Summer (2013). With this in mind, I thought I’d ask everyone I knew (and everyone I didn’t) what I should get in this video:

The great thing about becoming a new parent is that I am joining a very large club of people willing to share knowledge and give advice. It’s an expensive time of life as we effectively lose a lot of income from the Wife taking a year off doubled up with the astronomical cost of baby gear. Most people suggest that when the baby is newborn, very few things are required for a happy household. Here’s a list of items:

Hospital bag
Sleeping clothes (they spend most of their time sleeping and family will probably buy going out clothes)
A few different sizes of Nappy
A buggy with a cot (babies have to lay flat for the first 6 months)
Car seat (if you drive)
Isofix base for car seat (seatbelt only is difficult to keep car seat in place)
Nappy changing station (for tall people)
Moses basket
Nappy bin
Feeding bottles (especially if you are doing a feeding system)
Breast pump (electric is preferable as they are more efficient)
Bottle sterilisers
Baby wipes
Bath tub/sponge

OK that list looks quite long! I’ll go into each bit in more detail with my reviews. I’m being sent a lot of samples at the moment so I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you would like something reviewed. Just ping me at

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