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Justice is done – Alexandra Burke is the winner!

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Watching the X Factor tonight I was really worried that either JLS or Alexandra would not prevail as the winner of this year’s X Factor. Luckily Alexandra was on sensational form and sang her strongest type of songs – ballads. She is the ultimate ballad singer who can just belt and vary her vocals at will. Her performances tonight were just absolutely amazing and although she found it difficult to talk in between singing – she had little problem singing her heart out.
The Irish kid was deservedly out first to leave JLS and Alexandra to battle it out singing their own versions of this year’s Christmas number 1 ‘Hallelujah’. I really liked the JLS version but when Alexandra started to belt, her performance was giving me tingles down my spine. Thankfully the presenter was kind enough to only leave a 20 second pause before announcing that Alexandra had won. In hysterics, Alexandra Burke could hardly speak and finally the situation had built up to the stage where she had to pause in the middle of her song to take a breath.
With a further 3 million votes on top of the 5 million after the Irish kid was ejected – there could only be one deserving winner – and I was sure glad it went to Alexandra!

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