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KFC, Hawaii Island Review

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The restaurant reviewed is:
Lanihau Center
75-5595 Palani Road
Kailua Kona
HI 96740
(808) 329-1122
There is also a KFC based in Hilo:
111 E Puainako St
HI 96720
(808) 959-1886

Kwai’s Dish
Chicken meal for 2, crispy coating, 2 biscuits, 2 mash and gravy, 5 pieces of chicken with sides of buttery spread & honey sauce.
Yiki’s Dish
Shared Kwai’s dishes
Located at the Lanihau Center on a corner. Plenty of easy parking spaces. Across the road is the Kona coast shopping Center. There is no seating outside.
Interior was geared to have plenty of standing room with only a few tables available for dining in. The area was well kept and very clean which surpassed my expectations of a fast food establishment.
Counter service was friendly and the staff tried their best to help explain what all the things (that we don’t have in the UK) were.
Did not inspect
This kfc meal was far better in general than any kfc I’ve had in the uk. For a start I was astonished at the absence of french fries in the meal deals. The menu was geared towards feeding the family or large parties and they also did not offer many other types of dishes apart from normal chicken pieces in original or crispy coating. There were only 3 pictures of burgers on the display wall menu. The biscuit is not what I would think of a biscuit in the UK. Instead it was very much like an english scone except it was salty instead of slightly sweet. Also unlike most scones in the UK, the biscuit was served warm. The crispy coating was very thick and reminded me of the UK spicy wings coating except it was much thicker. The mash was served very creamy with a ring of gravy laid on top. Biting through the chicken some grease came through which is similar to the UK version. One notable difference at the end of our meal was the lack of a wet wipe which is a standard and expected feature of buying a KFC in the UK. A tip would be to take your own wet wipes or take it home. Although standard was higher than expected, it wasn’t mind blowing gourmet cuisine.
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