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Microsoft Vista Speech Recognition Review

Many people own a copy of Windows Vista or Windows 7, but many people don’t know that it comes with a hands free dictate from speech to text software built in. To activate it just go to your control panel and then go through the options under the Speech Recognition button. After about an hour of setting up the software going through the tutorials and then training the software I was eager to see what this free piece of software could deliver. I told the software to ‘Start listening’ and then I ordered it to ‘Open wordpad’ and then I started dictating. Below is the result I got:
I am trying to get used to the Microsoft dictation software that comes free with windows vista. Even though I have taken the training on three separate occasions, I am having difficulty with dictating this document. I had to continuously correct myself on a continual basis because the dictation software keeps getting me muddled up. I think the main problem is that when we dictate our documents we speak very differently to how we would speak normally. We are supposed to speak in a newscaster fashion and this may not come naturally to most people even a trained presenter like myself. I have found many instances where I’ve had to correct words of context in a sentence such as the word to and two. I started this document at 11.10 AM and it is now 11.30 AM and I am finding that I’m getting used to this newscaster fashion of speaking although it is not as fluent as a program you have to pay for such as Dragon naturallyspeaking. I do like the fact that you don’t have to pay for the program if you already have windows vista although I’m starting to feel like you get what you pay for. It is now 11.35 AM to give you an idea of my progress. I have found it increasingly annoying that the computer will go and select something that I have already dictated as it gets confused with my commands with my dictation. I have to admit that the program is learning quite quickly the things that I’m saying at a relatively quick pace. Since taking the tutorial and three advanced voice recognition stages, I have launched wordpad and started typing this article without once lifting my finger to move the mouse or keyboard. There aren’t too many words in this article so far yet it is already 11.45 AM and I certainly don’t have 99.97% accuracy rate, for the amount of words that have been written I would say it’s closer to a 30 per cent accuracy rate but it is definitely going up. Compared with dragon naturallyspeaking I would estimate that this technology that is included with windows vista Is equivalent to dragon’s software couple of years back. Annoyingly I would have thought that the computer would now have picked up a mistake that has been reoccurring throughout this article and interestingly enough that mistake is to the word VISTA. Instead of using a noise canceling boom microphone I have opted to use my lavalier microphone clipped onto my shirt. I don’t think it has made any difference whatsoever though. It is now 12.02 PM, my throat is becoming hoarse, my mouth is dry and I am surprised I have been this patient so far. I am now going to go and buy a dragon naturally speaking and I pray that there will be 20 to eight million times better than this experience. It’s great that this piece of software is free but I awards this is generous five out of 10. I think it’s high time that I regained control, turn off my microphone, and get back to clicking and typing 🙂
Just for the record is now 1210 PM!

As I had made so many corrections to the software I figured it was ready and fair to review for video.

So to compliment the above video, below is what got spat out. Enjoy what was right and what was wrong with the transcription. The rating for the product is also in the transcription 🙂
Are finding out solution type of it deleted everything what the hell did what was its fighters laughed and to understand what was it got what the hell are a comedy deed is deleted everything that was unbelievable that is unbelievable sharks what are you wonder to read the whole transcript of Glory can only what you want an eight by whatever is left of the document I will close stop house at had this is meticulously in a one thing I found so funny when I was dear Mr. Other day I found that one I want to say I’m running this user Microsoft’s vista programme speech recognition program I notice that the word sister conduct as Mr. Own lanarkshire that Microsoft Mr. Programme it did, so he does learn what it doesn’t learn that while the had a difficult about what it’s Derek if you have learnt i.e. at had looked for a motor trader Ivan again and you don’t the a cheese Leon are Shay widening quickly by saying so one I had to keep going back there and changing and dispersal earned in real time say estimates is a mistake once an enticement three times its players never make do returned yet whenever I said this to it would come up with the word Mr. Year while this time is money, with Mr. Lister now turns into a almost early start her O SE’s of why this is followed so although Yardley you would think that sister would be a word in the dictionary on Microsoft’s own programme leg get it disk and colour with them Mr. or something else and now it’s just talking absolute garbage are everything that’s coming out lose the speech recognition program just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to flow into a year on talking quite well the most the financier eat my words very well known is not classic their feet up in a way as it were a piece dinner in line I do Armenia sometimes but you would think that the speech recognition program 10 generations on with your Tacoma’s Colin thinks wild interplay programme becomes with this day comes with windows seventh so might have a go yourself if you got windows Mr. or you’ve got windows seven them at all speech recognition by an been activated until the training is in your control panel and ER in even the most basic version of Mr. Has got the program so does go into a try at yourself open up burn this programme he had no word hadn’t start talking and see what you come out with try and earn talk about something may be about programme Alan copy and paste to a all the stuff that comes out with online forum are believed linked in D a description of video and also on the end of the block so you can find easily and a host what the house there will be quite fund had to say whatever one has come up with what if you’re asking me R know what I would get this out of 10 are I would had to say it’s a very clever programme how the inaccurate his there is quite a clever thing you to a speech recognition turning points a interpolated ones and zeros must be so incredibly difficult and emotional angst and I really appreciate what the developers had done honestly but as for the program itself I would say that if you speak anywhere faster them what you can possibly time then it doesn’t keep up with the very were a little learn best can see from the client to meet debts are as I talk are art and I’ve talked about animal for them all have I hadn’t actually been rooting out ability you are in I can tell the tale of mistakes and if you can imagine trying to go back incorporate or your mistakes them to one of your mistakes you have to actually do all the corrections through the voice program itself could if you don’t it will never learn estate that is trying for a time consuming in itself very time consuming so it fit and mother just earn do our them may be dying dragon or something nor or to a home order online you on a your online access scheme is your fortune is video to fit so well to start a program there are gala programme what I have got the criminals once, microphone hadn’t right here in reckons it and learn speaker 120 words per minute into its programmes eighth or contacted the test quite soon and turn as for this program however clever and is how the rear is is made by Microsoft one of the biggest companies in the wild and software why should be all right up there and it has failed big time to for so widely of this are whopping two out of 10 unto our next time take care listening

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