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Movie Review: Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace 2/5
This is the film about William Wilberforce who was a prominent politician in England many years ago. The film centres around his efforts to end slavery in all British colonies exploring different avenues and doing extensive research into slavery conditions. It’s a biography that is not all that accurate – especially the role of his wife in the whole thing and his religion which is not at all mentioned. The story is predictable as we no longer have slavery today so that is a given, but it’s highlighting Wilberforce’s efforts and struggles that are the mainstay of the story here.
Fact from fiction aside – as a film it is not all that compelling a story. At no point was I really feeling the effects of slavery and was not at all moved. The story has some good intentions but they have poor story telling technique which leaves me feeling dry eyed. For that I give this film a 2 out of 5

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