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Movie review: I want candy

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I want candy 0/5
I watch so many crap films to find those hidden gems and once again I got the chance to watch an almighty crap film. The plot is contrived and so ridiculous and the jokes are not funny or entertaining. Carmen Electra is in this film and looks seriously bored and not at all interested in the other lead character who she is supposed to fall in love with.
I almost forgot to tell you about the plot. Well these 2 college kids want to make a name for themselves and failing to secure funding from working title, they go to make a porno. Funded by mobsters who aren’t very convincing they secure the services of Candy Fiveways – the world’s leading porn star.
A boring story and not at all imaginative. Who the hell gave up good money to make this pile of rubbish? For British films to make an impact on the world of film, we need to be making quality films to be remembered or at least entertaining – not this type of absolute shite! I award this film a stonking 0 out of 5

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