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Movie Review: Mr Brooks

Mr Brooks 3.5/5
This slowly tense but captivating thriller starring Kevin Costner and Demi Moore utilises strong character development as expected from Kevin. Kevin plays Mr Brooks who is a Schizophrenic killing addict trying to quit. Mr Smith (Dane Cook) appears at his workplace to blackmail Mr Brooks with photos of a crime scene with Mr Brooks in. Mr Smith has a taste for blood and wants to learn from a master serial killer and they hang out together to find someone to kill. Tracy (Demi Moore) plays the multi millionaire detective on their tail and soon finds herself the target for some blood letting. I’ll leave the rest for you to watch but I have to warn you of the slow Kevin Costner pace induced in this film. It’s nice to see him in a different role as he does shine in this film. Demi Moore and Dane Cook could have done better but this film is all about Mr Brooks and therefore I give this a slightly higher rating than I would usually of a film of this caliber at 3.5 out of 5.

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