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Movie Review: Sex, lies and videotape

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Sex, lies and videotape 2/5
As a study of film I go back and watch old classics now and again to re-evaluate once popular movies to see if my view has changed due to age of film or age of me. Being almost 20 years old, this Soderbergh directed and written film is a cult classic. At the time it was cutting edge. Just the mention of sex in the title was edgy. Tick on the clock and as a society we have become immune to on screen nudity and steamy sex scenes. Back then it didn’t happen very often. A younger Andie MacDowell and a very young James Spader play the leading parts.
James plays a nerdy guy who can’t get a hard on when he’s with a woman and the only way he can get motivated to ejaculate is to film women talking frankly on his camera about their sex lives. Collecting these tapes, James is seen constantly seen masturbating whilst he gains the attraction of Andie’s character.
In case you haven’t seen it I won’t give it away but basically looking back this story is no longer strong or compelling. Time has killed this film. However if it wasn’t for this film many mainstream films of today would only be cult and edgy so it did clear a path of sorts. For today though I give this once classic film a 2 out of 5

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