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Movie Review: The Rocky horror picture show

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The Rocky horror picture show 1/5
So you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably seen it – it’s the Rocky horror picture show! This old classic musical was massive in it’s time and still has a huge sing a long following and is probably in a theatre somewhere right now. 2 main characters played by a young Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick breakdown in the middle of nowhere and end up in a dodgy castle. This story could only be written by a nutter like Richard O’Brien (known in the UK as that guy who presented the Crystal Maze).
We quickly enter a time warp and meet all sorts of gay transsexuals and transvestites including the main weirdo doctor Tim Curry. There are plenty of sexual innuendos galore and lots of weirdness. It is probably one of those films that people grew up on with a splif in hand as it is seriously trippy (see fame the movie). For today though this film is really out of place and would not get anywhere in the box office if released today as a new film. It is so weird and arty that I just don’t really get it so I give this film a 1 out of 5

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