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Movie Reviews: Hostel:Part II

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Hostel:Part II 2/5
Following on from the success of the first film, writer/director Eli Roth was at it again with a sequel. Based back in the same place as the first film – the story was very familiar. Not diverting the story much from the first film, I was left feeling a little cheated of originality. What’s wrong with making up a new story for a sequel? So many sequels these days are just rehashed revisions of the original and Part II was no exception.
If you saw the first one, then you know what will happen in the second one. Instead of seeing men getting slaughtered, you get to see women getting slaughtered. One of them even gets fully nude hanging upside down from her feet. Apart from the twist at the end there was little else on offer with this film. Not at all interesting and not worth a watch if you saw the first one. If you haven’t then it may be worth watching so I’ll give this a generous 2 out of 5

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