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My girlfriend crashed my car!

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My newly dented car

It was really cold yesterday morning so I thought I would warm up my car while she was getting ready. She uses my car as it’s more economical over long distances than hers. As soon as I stepped out of the door I noticed that it was snowing and had been snowing already as there was a small coat of snow waiting to be ploughed through with every step of my walk to the car. I walked out to the car and the warning lights came on as usual to tell me that it was really cold outside and I let it run for a while.
The weather forecast on the TV had no mention of snow apart from the forecast for Thursday. My girlfriend got ready pretty quick and was out in the car ready to drive into freshly laid snow. We live at the top of a hill and because she works far away it was about 6.50am. Our road is not a major one either and so had not been gritted.
I waved my girlfriend goodbye and she drove off down the hill. I watched on as I saw her slowly moving down the hill and then I saw the brake lights come on. They come up bright red and they stayed for quite a while until I heard a loud bang. I ran down the hill as quickly as I could yelling out her name and almost slipped on my arse a few times on the way down. The car was sat sideways at the bend located at the bottom of the hill. I quickly opened up the passenger door and to my relief my girlfriend was fine albeit shaken up. I walked around to see that my car had collided with an old battered little parked car. Let’s just say that I couldn’t tell which dents my car had caused!
Leeds seem to be packed with cars just the battered parked one and in the time that it took me to get the car back up to the driveway, I witnessed another battered car drive round a bend too fast in the ice and saw it go straight up the rear of a parked car. Whereas I did the good thing and contacted the owner straight away, they just drove off! My girlfriend still understandably shaken can be a bit stubborn and still wanted to get to work this morning to help care for patients in her hospital. I reminded her that she was better to the patients alive and well than injured or worse. Tomorrow is forecast for worse weather and so I have left risk of doing the weekly shop with the Ocado driver who is coming tomorrow night with my groceries.
With the weather so bad and a lack of forecast on the TV I was annoyed that my council had not bothered to even provide a grit bin down our street. I am not exactly in the middle of nowhere. I witnessed some superb stunts (people falling on their arses) today at popular junctions by walking pedestrians crossing the icy streets across from my kitchen window. I almost fell on my arse myself trying to get to my car this morning and got as far as 10 metres from my door. I wonder how many people are going to bother turning up at the M&S one day sale tomorrow!
Here are some more dent and scratch photos for you to enjoy!
Close up of door panel

Door panel

Dent on wheel arch

Scratches on front of wheel arch

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